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How to get corporate sponsorship for your charity event

By:  Kamil Brady, AKB Events -

May 5, 2011


(Charity Affairs) --  Planning a successful charity event involves a lot of work.  Here are some helpful tips for planning your next charity event.

Securing corporate sponsorships for a charity event is crucial.  Anyone that has planned a charity event will admit, this can be an overwhelming task.  Questions such as: "Where do we start?", "Who do we ask?", "How much do we ask for?" will consume your every thought.    It is important to clearly layout a plan for securing corporate sponsorship.  Every plan should include the following tips:

1) Understand the Win-Win of Corporate Sponsorship.   Securing corporate sponsorship is not only about receiving funds for your event.  It is about establishing a mutually beneficial relationship with the sponsor.  Create a list detailing how corporate sponsorship can mutually benefit all parties involved.  This will determine which companies are good matches for potential sponsorship.

2) Before you ask, know your budget.   This may seem like an obvious step, however, it is step worth revisiting.  Before requesting funds for your charity event, have a complete budget itemizing the cost of everything needed for the event.  This step accomplishes two things:

3) Look in your own back yard.  Do not overlook companies in the local community as potential corporate sponsors.  The most common reason companies sponsor charity events is for advertising and community involvement. Sponsorship gives local companies an opportunity to bring their product or service to different consumers.   Also, if this is your first time securing funds for a charity event, you may find it easier to work with a local company.

What other tips have you found helpful to secure corporate sponsorship?

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Kamil Brady has been planning events and meetings for 6 years.  She majored in Hospitality and Tourism Management at Roosevelt University.  There she volunteered for various summits, networking events, and non-profit fundraising events. Ms. Brady is the owner of AKB Events.  Ms. Brady has been responsible for planning and coordinating weddings, networking events, holiday parties, and other events.

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