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Tips for Planning a Successful Charity Event

By:  Kamil Brady, AKB Events -

February 9, 2011


(Charity Affairs) --  Planning a successful charity event involves a lot of work.  Here are some helpful tips for planning your next charity event.

Ask and you shall receive. It is important to state specifically what you want from donors.  If you need monetary donations, ask for it!  If you need product donations, ask for it! Remember, if don’t ask for it, you won’t get it.

Are you afraid to approach potential major donors because you think they are too big, or you don’t feel your pitch is perfect?  Well, don’t be afraid!  Be proactive and create a plan!  Anticipate what objections potential donors may have, and write them down.  Then write down answers to those objections.  All you need is a plan, a little rehearsal, and confidence, and you will be great!  Don’t wait for the perfect time to ask, the perfect time is NOW!

Charity event tip:  Note the days you ask for donations.  People tend to feel more “charitable” at the beginning of the week.

Promote.  Promote.  Promote. Be sure to get the word!  Use as many channels as possible to get the word out:

  • Post your event on  Let them handle the heavy lifting of promoting your event through Press Releases, Tweeting, newsletters, facebook, and more
  • Send emails about it!
  • Make a website (SnapPages lets you create a website for free),
  • Create an Events Facebook page,
  • Tweet about it (create a hashtag for your event)
  • Blog about it (check out Wordpress).

Use traditional forms of getting the word out as well.  Create flyers and posters to promote your charity event on sign boards in your local community.

Make sure that your fundraiser gets media attention. Issue press releases, contact radio stations, write articles for the newspaper, etc.  Donors will like the fact that others have heard of your charity event in the news.

Follow your mother’s advice. Always say “Thank You” to those who donated to your charity.  Sending personalized thank you notes are a great way to share appreciation.  It’s a nice touch to give an award to the biggest contributor.

So, was the charity event a success? Publish the results of the event in a timely manner.   Send pictures and testimonies about your event to Charity Affairs for post event publicity.  Let everyone know if your charity’s goals were met or exceeded.  Be sure to also provide specific results and mention tangible benefits linked to donations. For example, indicate how “x” benefits resulted from “y” contributions.  It is good practice to provide full financial disclosure of the charity event and organization.

What charity event planning tips do you have to share?

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Kamil Brady has been planning events and meetings for 6 years.  She majored in Hospitality and Tourism Management at Roosevelt University.  There she volunteered for various summits, networking events, and non-profit fundraising events. Ms. Brady is the owner of AKB Events.  Ms. Brady has been responsible for planning and coordinating weddings, networking events, holiday parties, and other events.

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