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Charity Affairs would like to showcase MedWish International.  

Please support their fundraising event in May 2011 "Band Aid Bash".  This event should prove to be a great, fun event for a great cause!


FEATURE - Medwish International


About MedWish International


Mission Statement

MedWish International is a non-profit organization committed to the recovery and recycling of donated medical supplies area healthcare providers must discard. These life-saving supplies are made available to those providing medical care in developing countries throughout the world. Globally, the MedWish International program improves the quality of medical care available to the underserved around the world; locally, we are effectively reducing the amount of solid waste deposited in landfills. MedWish International also serves as a resource for local health-care professionals and charitable organizations interested in global health.

Values Statement

MedWish International provides donated medical supplies to individuals and organizations dedicated to providing care that directly lessens the burden of suffering people in underserved areas regardless of religious or political affiliation. Medical supplies and equipment provided by MedWish International may not be sold. 

Message From The President

For over 14 years, MedWish has shipped literally tons of discarded unused medical supplies to developing nations around the world. In doing so, it has reduced local waste and, more importantly, touched countless lives in desperate need. While taking great pride in these accomplishments, we at MedWish are also humbled by the insignificance of our service relative to the magnitude of need and the enormity of our organization's potential. We know that MedWish has barely scratched the surface; we are determined and committed to increase its operational capacity. 

With our relatively new warehouse, MedWish has the room to expand; with the support of numerous local hospitals, MedWish has the medical supply donations available to expand; and with a caring team of volunteers, MedWish has the heart to expand. 

On behalf of the MedWish Board of Directors and Staff, I encourage everyone to join us in this important mission of saving lives and saving the environment.

Lee Ponsky, MD
MedWish International 
Founder & President