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Have you ever wanted to support local fundraising events and didn't know where to look?  ...or didn't have the time?   


Have you ever backed out of an event because you had trouble finding all the information you needed?


Have you ever been just looking for something *different* to do on Friday night?


This website was created to help solve those problems.  Although we all have a cause we care about - whether it's saving the environment, finding homes for abandoned pets or so many other worthwhile endeavors, we are often limited on time.  This site was born to provide a national nonprofit calendar of events at ONE location. This allows you to find more local opportunities in a shorter amount of time.  Your local charities offer a variety of fun-raising events that offer you easy and fun ways to support them.

WELCOME to CharityAffairs, “Where Compassion Meets Action”


In June 2009, a single volunteer, searched desperately for information regarding a charity event for which she wanted to participate.   Frustrated, she could not find accurate information in time and was unable to participate in the event.   I was that volunteer.  

It seemed a natural progression for me to search for a website that provided a reliable comprehensive view of available Charity events. I wanted to find interesting fundraising events for which I could support as a participant or volunteer.  But not only find an event...but easily find all the necessary details for the event. A “one stop shop” for Fundraising events, tools, volunteers and sponsors…so to speak.

I also realized that charitable events can be fun, and offer a variety of events, so why shouldn't we promote these events as "date night" ideas.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find such a site and well; I felt a passion to bring that site to life.  


Charity Affairs is designed to promote charitable events and provide solutions by utilizing one simple method…building a nonprofit community with a centralized nonprofit calendar at its core.  A wonderful byproduct of this network is that the community ends up creating a phenomenal “It List” of hotspots around the area that taps into an entirely new market of people who would not normally be participating in nonprofit activities and events.  It solves their problem by providing excellent “date night” activities while bringing scores of new attendees to the charities and fundraisers. 

Additionally, Charity Affairs has a long-term strategic plan to expand the use of this event calendar to a national nonprofit social network.  This site will create a community to share ideas and information, find event resources, provide event coverage, event feedback and event reviews all while building camaraderie within the nonprofit community.  This site is designed to provide strength behind the nonprofit community to increase their reach to the world.

So, welcome, to *your* site.  This is your empowerment to get involved, give back, and have fun!

Through the generous donation of time, effort, and tools from The Karcher Group, Charity Affairs was born. Without their help this site would not have come to fruition. 

Additionally, I would like to thank Karen Gray, of Gray Matter Designs, for her design expertise and Jason Tait for all his creative input.

God Bless and Much love,




Jennifer Tait, Founder


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