Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Charity Affairs primary purpose?

A national fundraising calendar available to all non-profits.  Our objective is to provide a site that allows the public to find local fundraising events at one site!  In providing a one-stop-shop event locator this site is able to promote a larger volume of events. And the highly filterable search capabilities make the process of finding events much easier for participants.  This ease of use provides the means for greater awareness and higher attendance for successful fundraising events.

What is considered a qualifying event?

A qualifying event is an event that meets the following criteria: The event will benefit a specific non-profit organizations’ cause, family in need or cause in need. The event takes place at a physical location The event has a start and end date/time

How can my organization benefit from using Charity Affairs?

The list is endless!  But here are a few great points:
  • Ease of use for your participants.  The standardized format allows the public to feel comfortable that they will find all the important details about your event.  A consistent format helps them to easily find event details

  • As the site continues to grow and more organizations get on board, more advertising is utilized for this site.  That means more advertising for you!  ….without spending your advertising dollars.

  • By managing all events at a single site, reports can be run to help you understand the  interest in different types of events

  • Your followers can receive information for your event directly through RSS feeds, a mobile application, and free social networking updates.  And not only does the site automatically update to Twitter, Eventful, Facebook, and a variety of other media, but the public can view your calendar entry and easily Tweet it or email it out to the masses.

  • You also have the ability to link the CharityAffairs calendar directly to your site to eliminate duplicate entry.   Just review the “How to link the calendar to my page” link.  

  • Your participants can save your event directly to a variety of calendar formats such as their google calendar and Microsoft Outlook.  Super easy and so convenient.

  • How many times has your organization deliberated over the perfect date for your event?  This consolidate calendar view allows you to see everything going on in your area to coordinate your events with other local charities

  • As the site continues to develop, you will be able to handle your event registrations, find volunteers, create trending reports, obtain free event planning tools, and share event successes and information with other organizations



How to Submit and Event

Select the Calendar Search Page

Select Submit Event

Enter your event information including important events details such as:

  • Who does your event benefit?

  • What is included in the price of your event?

  • Are there any special guests?

Enter the correct address as the map feature will map this address for your guests

Detail is very important for potential participants.

If you select to allow registration through the Charity Affairs website the information is forwarded to you, as the registrant via email.  Event fees are not accepted through the Charity Affairs website and would be your responsibility to collect.

Please be sure to include registration details if registration is not allowed through the Charity Affairs website.

How do I change an event

At this time, you will need to email your changes to  Please include *Event Change* in the subject line.

What happens after I submit an event

After an event is submitted, the request will be forwarded to the Charity Affairs Administrator for review.  The event is reviewed and approved or declined within 48 hours.  You will receive an email advising the determination or request for clarification. 

Upon approval, the event is listed on the Charity Affairs calendar.

Am I able to select multiple categories when submitting an event

Yes.  I understand that sometime an event might seem to fit a couple categories.  However in an attempt to keep the calendar somewhat streamlined, please do not select more than three categories per event….preferrably no more than two.  Please use your best judgement in determing the appropriate categories.  Please see the “What category best fits….FAQ” For more info

What category best fits my charitable event

Below are some event examples to help you find an appropriate category with which to list your Charitable Event.  Please note that these are fundraising events only. 

As much fun as your block party may be…please don’t list it if it’s not a fundraiser for a verified non-profit.  Thanks.

  • Auction/Sales Events –Bachelor Auction, Butler Auction, Rummage/Consignment Sale, Fashion Show, Wedding dress auction

  • Contest Events – Barbecue Contest, Dance-A-thon, Eat-A-Thon

  • Cultural Events – Art Gallery, Theatre benefit, Recital Benefit, Talent Show

  • Date Night Options – Most Festival Gala events work great, Some Dining events are good date options, Game Events and Cultural Events are also great ideas.  Think outside the box.  Couples are always looking for things to do.  Make the events affordable and entertaining, and this will bring additional revenue and awareness to your events.  However, please be considerate to accurately categorize using this option…..A dog wash might not necessarily fall into a date night.  ;-)

  • Dining Events – Spaghetti Dinner, Celebrity Bartender events, Restaurant sponsored fundraisers, Pancake Breakfast, Wine Tasting

  • Festivals and Galas –Galas, Mardi Gras party, Wine Festival, Beer Festival

  • Game Events -  Board Game Tournament, Poker Tournaments, Trivia Night, Casino Night

  • Service Related Events – Dog Wash Event,  Bagger for a Day events, Car Wash

  • Sport Events – Golf Outings, Walk/Run/Cycle-A-Thons,  Motorcycle Poker Run, Mini-Golf Event

  • Other – Animal Adoptathon, Telethons

How do I search for other events

Simple!  Just select  Calendar Search and select the Search link

Just enter the date range, category, location and/or keywords to find events in your selected area.

I'm having problems when I select "All events, Newest events....etc"

Are you using Google Chrome?  Then that is why.  These selections are driven by RSS feeds and well, RSS feeds seem to be unavailable in Google Chrome.

Nothing happens when I select "Subscribe to all events"

I'm a huge fan of Google Chrome, however, the subscribe to all events does not seem to work while viewing from the Google Chrome browser.  Please open our webpage in another browser for this function.  I'm sorry!...I too wish it worked.

What happens when I click and icon on the home page

Something amazing happens!  Well, semi-amazing….  The default filter for these icons is the following
  • Events 15 miles from your current location
  • Events within the next 14 days
  • Events that equal the category (icon) you selected. 
For example, you selected “sports”.  All golf outings within 15 miles of your location within the next 14 days will return in your search results.

How do I get the word out about

There are many ways to help get the word out.  We have an entire page dedicated to it.  *smile*  Just browse on over to the Get Involved page for a variety of ideas.

How do I view events remotely

Simple.  Just browse to the Calendar Search page, select Tools shown near the top of the page.  Near the middle of the page is a mobile link.  Just email that to yourself or pull that link up in a web browser on your mobile device.  The mobile browser is designed to provide you a consolidated view.   It's that easy to take Charity Affairs with you and find events while on the run.

What are you doing Friday night? did get your attention.  But it's true...CharityAffairs can help answer the question "What do you want to do Friday Night?"   Because we have some great date-night ideas that also promote worthy causes

May I submit an local event that is not a fundraising event?

Sorry, but no we are only accepting fundraising events.  This allows this site to be solely focused on fundraising efforts for nonprofits.